Simple Notification Service

Simple Notification Service is a managed push notification service.

It can push notifications to:

  • HTTP endpoints
  • Amazon SQS Queue‘s
  • Amazon Lambda Function‘s
  • SMS text messages
  • E-mail
  • Apple, Android, Fire OS and Window devices

Messages published to SNS are stored redundantly to prevent messages being lost.


Accessing this service requires internet access.

If you want to access this from an EC2 you must either:

  • Give the node a public IP and connect its route table to an internet gateway
  • Set up NAT
  • Set up a proxy cluster
class Topic

An SNS topic.

Can be added to any account resource:

topic = aws.add_topic(

The name of the bucket. This field is required, and it must be unique for the whole of Amazon AWS.


A list of resources that should be subscribed to this topic. Can be any of: